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VRM-aTCA-SL PCIe Gen 3 aTCA Carrier with Intel Xeon E3

The VRM-aTCA-SL is a PCIe Gen3 Carrier Module which accepts any standard PCIe edge type modules via the on board x16 PCIe slot. The VRM-aTCA-SL comes with 32GB of ECC memory, as well as dual on-board Display Port to DVI-D converter. The on-board CPU provides Display Port output with dual GbE on the front panel. The VRM-aTCA-SL is also available with the Trusted Platform Management as an option.

VRM-CO2 2U 19" Rackmount aTCA Chassis

The VRM-CO2 is a PICMG 3.0 Rev 3.0 2U, 19” rackmount chassis for AdvancedTCA blades. With two hot swappable, front pluggable high pressure fan tray units and side-to-side cooling in a push pull configuration and a cooling capability of up to 300W for front boards and 35W for rear transition modules you can keep operating temperatures low. The VRM-CO2 was designed to meet NEBS standards and is RoHS compliant which makes it a perfect fit for a wide variety of applications.

VRM-ATCA-CO1 19" 1U ATCA Rackmount Chassis

The VRM-CO1 is a 19” 1U Rackmount chassis for AdvancedTCA blades. It comes with a removable top cover for development or demo applications. Its independent fan control based on exit air temperature provides a future proof cooling design with capacity options of either 300W per slot (standard) or 400W per slot (upgrade). The VRM-C01’s economical and lightweight design makes it a perfect fit for a variety of applications.

VRM-NSPM-6000 Cavium Octeon CN68xx aTCA Blade

The demand to maintain rapid growth of internet traffic and to provide triple play services requires higher packet processing power. At the same time, the capability of deep packet inspection at wire-speed is increased as all IP network and 10G ports are deployed widely. VRM-NSPM-6000 is a single slot AdvancedTCA blade for high performance packet processing applications such as IPTV, LTE wireless, and security, combined with a Cavium OCTEON™ II multi-core processor. The VRM-NSPM-6000 provides...


The VRM-ATCA-13U is a 13U AdvancedTCA shelf with 14 slots.


The VRM- PSA-110 ATCA AMC Carrier 10G Managed Switch Card is the Fulcrum FM3224/FM4224 10 Gigabit Ethernet low latency switch based AMC carrier board in a single slot aTCA form factor. The board supports up to 3 Mid-Size B+ AMC bays, each with two 10GBase-KX4 Fat Pipe and two 1000Base-KX Base interfaces. Optionally, two SFP+ interfaces and an HD-15 video connector are available on the front panel when used in a 2 AMC bay configuration.


The VRM-PRA-200 Processor Blade is a high-performance processor blade designed for single-slot operation in the AdvancedTCA form-factor and operating environment. This product is designed to catapult system performance to the next level while providing sufficient configuration options, such as CPU type and memory configuration, to allow deployment at several different tiers of service. This powerful and flexible AdvancedTCA blade features 2 LGA771 sockets and can be delivered with two Intel...


The VRM-ATC104-X is an AdvancedTCA carrier that provides eight half-height AMC slots that can accept any AMC.1 or AMC.2. In addition, slot B4 and slot B3 also have their AMC.3 routed together The ATC104 can be connected via the PCIe up/downstream port to other server blades or additional carriers such as the ATC103/ATC104/ATC105/ATC106/ATC107/ATC108 or ATC109. The ATC104 can be utilized in distributed as well as non-distributed applications. Any of the ATC104 slots can be used as the upstream...