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The VRM-P-484283-H-CP is a 4U EMC integrated system 19” rack mount. It holds 8 6U x 180mm CompactPCI boards on the front as well as 8 6U x 80mm boards on the rear I/O. It comes with a hot swappable fan unit that contains 6 70 x 70 x 15mm fans. The chassis is available with a 200W, 250W, or 300W cPCI power supply.


The VRM-CPC7625 is a high-performance Intel® based Core™2 Duo 3U CompactPCI® Single Board Computer (SBC). As a single-width, 3U height board, this high-performance SBC is designed for embedded applications that require significant processing power yet little physical space. Additionally, the extended temperature, conduction-cooled version satisfies the most demanding environmental applications. The VRM-CPC7625 is designed for ruggedized environments applying BGA CPU packaging and soldered down...


The VRM-CPC7525 Single Board Computer (SBC) is the industry’s most flexible, rugged, high-performance SBC in today’s embedded marketplace. By incorporating the power of the IBM 750 FX/GX PowerPC™ and the unparalleled complement of I/O via the customer configurable “Personality Modules”, we can adapt to almost any Military, Industrial or Commercial application. The VRM-CPC7525’s three Gb Ethernet, two serial ports, GPIO and PMC P14 IO are all accessible through CompactPCI connector J2. The...


The VRM-CPCI-3U power supply utilizes advanced component and circuit technologies to deliver the industry"s smallest 350 Watt DC/DC power supply. Built to meet 1U height considerations, the U-Frame package measures only 6.8 x 3.8 x 1.4". The VRM-CPCI-3U power supplies offer 48 VDC input and compliance to worldwide safety and EMC standards.


The VRM-cPCI-3E10 Series is 3U CompactPCI Gigabit Ethernet peripheral card equipped with Intel ® 82574L PCIe Gigabit Ethernet controllers. The VRM-cPCI-3E10 provides four GbE ports on the front panel (RJ-45) with two switchable to the rear transition module, the VRM-cPCI-3E12 provides two GbE ports on the front panel (RJ-45), and the VRM-cPCI-3E10-SUB provides two Fast Ethernet ports on the front panel (DB-9). An optional Rear Transition Module (VRM-cPCI-R3E10) is available to provide rear...


The VRM-TCP270 is a standard 3U CompactPCI carrier that provides front I/O and rear I/O for a single width PMC module. This PMC to 3U CompactPCI adapter is used to build modular, flexible and cost effective I/O solutions with PMC devices in CompactPCI systems. 32 bit / 33 MHz accesses are supported on the PCI bus. The VRM-TCP270 is used as a mechanical adaptor to connect a standard PMC module in 3U CompactPCI systems.


The VRM-AcPC424 provides 24 differential input/outputs, 16 TTL input/output channels, and four 16-bit multifunction counter/timers. The 16 TTL input/output channels can be programmed as inputs or as outputs on an individual channel basis. The 24 differential input/output channels are programmed as inputs or outputs on an 4-channel port basis. All input channels can be enabled for change of state, low, or high level transition interrupts. Four 16-bit multifunction counters/timers can be...


The VRM-ACPC330 boards provide fast, high resolution A/D conversion. The VRM-ACPC330 has many features to improve your overall system throughput rate. You can scan all channels or define a subset for more frequent sampling. Burst mode scans selected channels at the maximum conversion rate. Uniform mode performs conversions at userdefined intervals. Both modes can scan continuously, or execute a single cycle upon receiving a trigger. "Mail box" memory allows the CPU to read the latest data in...


The VRM-P-484283-V3 is a 4U CompactPCI chassis that accepts 3U boards. The system is highly customizable and supports custom backplanes with multiple slots as well as 2x power supplies.


The VRM-cPCI-4U-63 CompactPCI 4U system platform provides an intelligent, practical packaging solution for high-performance processors. The ¾ width desk top model provides an 8 slot 3.3 or 5V I/O 3U cPCI backplane for vertical mounting of boards. System is designed with enhanced EMC features. Rugged yet stylish chassis conforms to mechanical standards IEEE 1101.1 and 1101.10/11 and IEC 60297-3-101, -102, -103. Bottom fan tray. Unit comes completely assembled, wired, and tested.