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VRM-cPCI-3544 4-Port Isolated Serial Communication Card

The VRM-cPCI-3544 is an enhanced four ports serial communication module for industry communication interface RS-422/485 by CompactPCI platform. It includes a PGA (Programmable Gate Array) to support the serial communication controller and a 37-pin connector to connect external I/O port from the front panel or using the rear I/O. The expansion cable has four standard DB25 or DB9 connectors and one DB37 connector to connect with VRM-cPCI-3544 interface card. The VRM-cPCI-R3544 transition board...


The VRM-CPC7625 is a high-performance Intel® based Core™2 Duo 3U CompactPCI® Single Board Computer (SBC). As a single-width, 3U height board, this high-performance SBC is designed for embedded applications that require significant processing power yet little physical space. Additionally, the extended temperature, conduction-cooled version satisfies the most demanding environmental applications. The VRM-CPC7625 is designed for ruggedized environments applying BGA CPU packaging and soldered down...


The VRM-CPC7525 Single Board Computer (SBC) is the industry’s most flexible, rugged, high-performance SBC in today’s embedded marketplace. By incorporating the power of the IBM 750 FX/GX PowerPC™ and the unparalleled complement of I/O via the customer configurable “Personality Modules”, we can adapt to almost any Military, Industrial or Commercial application. The VRM-CPC7525’s three Gb Ethernet, two serial ports, GPIO and PMC P14 IO are all accessible through CompactPCI connector J2. The...


The VRM-CT-3620 Series is a Rugged Conduction-Cooled 3U CompactPCI processor blade in single-slot (4HP) width form factor featuring a quad-core Intel® Atom™ SoC and soldered DDR3L-1333 ECC memory up to 4GB. Graphics is integrated graphics on the CPU and storage is provided by an onboard 32GB SSD. Rear IO signals include 2x GbE, 1x USB 2.0, VGA, 2x COM, and 1x SATA 3Gb/s, providing for expansion with an optional Rear Transition Module (RTM). The VRM-CT-3620 is an ideal solution for...


The VRM-cPS-H325 is a PICMG 2.11 47-Pin Hot-Swap Redundant 3U CompactPCI 8HP 250W Power module.


The VRM-CPCI-3U power supply utilizes advanced component and circuit technologies to deliver the industry"s smallest 350 Watt DC/DC power supply. Built to meet 1U height considerations, the U-Frame package measures only 6.8 x 3.8 x 1.4". The VRM-CPCI-3U power supplies offer 48 VDC input and compliance to worldwide safety and EMC standards.


The VRM-cPCI-3E10 Series is 3U CompactPCI Gigabit Ethernet peripheral card equipped with Intel ® 82574L PCIe Gigabit Ethernet controllers. The VRM-cPCI-3E10 provides four GbE ports on the front panel (RJ-45) with two switchable to the rear transition module, the VRM-cPCI-3E12 provides two GbE ports on the front panel (RJ-45), and the VRM-cPCI-3E10-SUB provides two Fast Ethernet ports on the front panel (DB-9). An optional Rear Transition Module (VRM-cPCI-R3E10) is available to provide rear...


The VRM-TCP270 is a standard 3U CompactPCI carrier that provides front I/O and rear I/O for a single width PMC module. This PMC to 3U CompactPCI adapter is used to build modular, flexible and cost effective I/O solutions with PMC devices in CompactPCI systems. 32 bit / 33 MHz accesses are supported on the PCI bus. The VRM-TCP270 is used as a mechanical adaptor to connect a standard PMC module in 3U CompactPCI systems.


The VRM-AcPC424 provides 24 differential input/outputs, 16 TTL input/output channels, and four 16-bit multifunction counter/timers. The 16 TTL input/output channels can be programmed as inputs or as outputs on an individual channel basis. The 24 differential input/output channels are programmed as inputs or outputs on an 4-channel port basis. All input channels can be enabled for change of state, low, or high level transition interrupts. Four 16-bit multifunction counters/timers can be...