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The VRM-XS-PCIE is a IEEE P1386.1 PCI Mezzanine Cards(PMC) in a standard PCI Express environment. The VRM-XS-PCIE mechanically adapts PMC to PCI Express and bridges from a x1 PCI Express interface to a 32-bit 33/66 MHz PCI bus. An onboard DC/DC provides 5V to the PMC from the PCI Express connector"s 12V (up to 6A). All other supplies (3.3V, 5V) are provided directly to the PMC from the PCI Express supplies. Optionnaly, The VRM-XS-PCIE can be equipped with 2 RJ-45 connectors on the back of...


The VRM-XS-PCI permits to use IEEE P1386.1 PCI Mezzanine Cards (PMC) in a standard PCI environment.. The VRM-XS-PCI is also a passive mechanical adapter optimized for cost, signal integrity and reliability.


The VRM-TPMC816 is a standard single-width 32 bit PMC module with two complete CAN bus interfaces using two Bosch CC770 CAN controllers. The CC770 offers pin compatibility with Intels 82527 CAN Controller and is a function replacement. Both channels are completely independent and support CAN specification 2.0 part A and B (Standard 11 bit identifier and extended 29 bit identifier).


The VRM-TPMC810 is a standard single-width 32 bit PMC with two independent CAN bus channels, isolated from system logic and each other. Two Philips SJA1000 CAN controllers (CAN specification 2.0B supported) are used. CAN High Speed transceivers are used for the CAN bus I/O interface. An on board termination option (DIP switches) are provided for each CAN bus channel allowing to configure on board termination and pass through mode. Each channel can generate an interrupt on INTA. Interrupts can...


The VRM-XS-2000 is a PCI Telecom Mezzanine card (PTMC) which offers high-end ATM and IP services at an attractive price. The VRM-XS-2000 provides termination, switching and interworking capabilities from any port to any port. The VRM-XS-2000 performance and features are ideally suited for applications such as Wireless networking, Voice over Packet, DSLAM and Media Gateways. Using the state of the art Wintegra ™'s WinPath2 ™ Network Processor, The VRM-XS-2000 is the perfect...


The VRM-PMC-8246 is a Dual-Gigabit Ethernet Port PCIX"PMC Module with failover function.


The VRM-PMC-8E1/T1/J1 is a telecommunications interface board in PMC (PCI mezzanine card) form factor. The module provides a highly scalable solution to telecom applications with the requirement of cost-effective E1/T1/J1 access. Equipped with onboard H.110/SCbus controller and eight primary rate E1, T1 or J1 interfaces, the VRM-PMC-8E1/T1/J1 provides an ideal and efficient interface for use with VME, PCI, CompactPCI and proprietary platforms.


The VRM-PMC-STM4 is a telecommunications interface board in PMC form factor. The VRM-PMC-STM4 is targeted at telecom applications dealing with Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH), such as SS7, ISDN or 3G/3.5G mobile applications in optical OC-12/STM-4 and SONET environments. Being equipped with an add/drop multiplexer/demultiplexer chipset, the VRM-PMC-STM4 is an ideal single board platform to interface between the frame oriented STM-4/SDH networks and classic TDM standards as E1/T1/J1 or...


The VRM-PMC-860-4SO is a telecommunications interface board in PMC (PCI mezzanine card) form factor. Based on the Motorola MPC860 "PowerQUICC" CPU, the VRM-PMC-860-4SO is targeted at telecom applications using Basic Rate ISDN interfaces. Equipped with the onboard SCbus, the VRM-PMC-860-4SO provides an ideal and cost-effective interface for use in the VME, PCI, CompactPCI and proprietary environments.


The VRM-PMC-EXT64 is a passive 64 bit PMC extender module intended for use with a PMC slot on any VME, CompactPCI, or other carrier board. It eases debugging of PMC modules by enabling the user to access the module under test from both sides as well as to install debug port cables. For measurement purposes, the VRM-PMC-EXT64 allows access to all PCI and I/O bus signals. The VRM-PMC-EXT64 is targeted at any VME, CompactPCI, or any other kind of system used to test and debug PMC module...


The VRM-PMC-8280-4E1/T1/J1 is a high-performance PMC module, based on the Motorola versatile MPC8280 "Power Quicc II" processor. It supports four E1/T1/J1 ports, a 100BaseT Ethernet port using standard RJ45 connector and a RS232 on a SUBD connector on the front panel. Equipped with an H.110 TDM bus controller and due to the CPU providing up to 855 MIPS, the VRM-PMC-8280-4E1/T1/J1 is optimized for use in sophisticated telecom applications in SS7, ISDN, ATM or VoP environments.


The VRM-PMC-DSP is a multi-purpose telecommunication resource board in PMC form factor. The VRM-PMC-DSP is targeted at Telecom applications with extensive need for voice or data computation. The module is designed to process standard telecom algorithms, i.e. voice and data compression and decompression or DTMF detection and generation. The module is capable of handling individual timeslots within a TDM stream selected from the H.110 backplane. The design is optimized for handling in parallel...