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The VRM-IBDRW is a compact industrial Box PC designed for industrial automation. It has an Intel Celeron Quad-Core N2930 1.83ghZ, up to 2.16GHz processor enclosed in an aluminum housing.


The VRM-uTCA-Grande offers the performance benefit of MicroTCA in a space-saving horizontal-mounted 1U height. Six AdvancedMC (AMC) slots offer users the flexibility to configure for a wide range of applica-tions, enterprise, industrial control, telecom, wireless, and others. Its unique card guide design eases the insertion/removal of AMC cards. The replaceable backplane improves the serviceability of the system. The VRM-uTCA-Grande equips with higher performance cooling unit for better...


The VRM-uTCA-Chico-2S is a MicroTCA 2 slots chassis with Point-to-Point fat pipes connectivity. It eliminates the need of MCH. It provides up to 60 watts per slots. In addition it provides 1gbps switch connectivity to each slot. Fat pipe output and onboard SATA storage and eSATA external port.