AdvancedTCA Blade

AdvancedTCA boards are the perfect standard for Hi-end computing applications. V Rose offers complete platform solutions that provide high-density processing power, faster data throughput, and intelligent system management to process multiple streams of incoming and outgoing information.


MicroTCA Chassis

The V Rose line of MicroTCA systems are perfect for cost sensitive applications with their smaller form factor. The ability to create high performance switched fabric computer systems makes uTCA a clear choice. Scalable systems can be conveniently designed with a multitude of I/O functionality to fit your needs.


CompactPCI CPU

V Rose offers a wide range of CompactPCI boards and chassis that deliver a low cost, scalable aproach to the Test & Measurement industry. With the latest high performance processors CompactPCI can be the perfect architecture for high accuracy data measurement.

Panel PC

Smart Panel PC's

Todays Panel PC's not only offer a sleek and attractive design, but also offer optimum flexability. With the latest processors and multi-touch capability the V Rose line of Panel PC's offer powerfull CPU's and GPU's perfect for graphic intensive applications. With built-in WiFi and Bluetooth they are great displaying information in areas that require a small foot print.


AMC Card

The AMC family of mezzanine cards is a flexible architecture that can be used in a wide variety of markets including Test & Measurement. With the ability to be used with uTCA backplanes in a bench-top system or inserted in an AdvancedTCA board to increase I/O functionality the AMC line-up from V Rose can easily be a cost effective solution to fit your needs.

Single Board Computers

SBC Processor Board

Single Board Computers are perfect for the Test & Measurement field due to their cost effectiveness and their ability to handle data tasks faster by utilizing the high-speed serial interconnects that are available with PCI Express. By using an interchangeable system host board on the system motherboard SBC's can effectively make performance upgrades easier as well as lower the MTTR making them a cost effective architecture.