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The VRM-VME-Carrier is a VME Carrier Blade that is available in three different configurations (SCCB, MCCB, DCCB).


The VRM-ETH29-G is an intelligent high performance VMEbus Ethernet controller board. It has been designed to support extremely high data transfer rates with a minimum impact on the system load. The board combines a true 32-bit architecture with a powerful RISC processor to enable the utilization of the Ethernet network"s maximum throughput. The Motorola PowerQUICC II Pro processor handles all of the local network protocols up to Layer 5 and thus enables an effective transfer rate of up to...


The VRM-VME-PMC is a non-intelligent carrier for PMC in 6U VME form factor. Unlike the traditional PMC carriers, the VRM-VME-PMC is well suited for running in telecommunication platforms. The board offers the TDM SCSA bus (ANSI/VITA standard 6-1994) allowing the data of up to 2048 time slots to be shared between different peripheral boards such as line interfaces and DSP processing boards. The VRM-VME-PMC routes the SCBus interfaces from each of the PMC I/O connectors to the VME backplane P2...