The VRM-MCH-PHYS80, is addressing the requirements for higher bandwidth to both AMCs and the rear transition slot of the MCH as well as for optcial and copper uplinks in PCIe based MTCA.4 systems, targeting at large control and data acquisition applications.

Based on the VRM-MCH-M4, the double width MCH base board for MicroTCA.4 systems and combined with the special low latency and low jitter clock module NAT-MCH-CLK-PHYS, the new PCIe hub module turns the VRM-MCH-PHYS80 into the most powerful single-slot solution for management and switching that is available for MTCA.4.

  • Special low jitter, low latency clock module for Physics appliances
  • PCIe Gen3 switch providing optical or copper uplinks and virtual clustering
  • Rear Transition Module with Intel® dual or quad Core™ i7
  • Single slot solution for system management and PCIe root complex
  • Management for Low Level RF (LLRF) backplane
  • Redundant Environments
  • Software Support and Updates

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