About Us

V Rose Microsystems, Inc. offers engineering products and services which help bring embedded devices to market faster. We distribute and integrate custom computing solutions for a wide range of Industries including: Telecommunications, Energy, Healthcare, Aerospace and Defense, and many more. With over 40 years of experience helping customers create turnkey solutions that fit their business needs we have become the leaders in complete system design and integration. Whether you need a single component or a complete system V Rose can help you turn your business needs into a complete solution.

About The Staff

V Rose Microsystems, Inc. engineering staff can quickly engage both technical and commercial functions of all the stages of a project to help our clients generate and seize new opportunities and complete tasks on time and budget.

V Rose Microsystems, Inc. technical department has extensive knowledge and experience integrating different components to create fully functional turnkey solutions. V Rose Microsystems, Inc. staff has over 40 years of experience helping customers with a significant number of projects making us the experts on transferring technology from obsolete form factors to newer up to date complete systems.

V Rose Microsystems, Inc. in-house engineering allows for modifications to our existing standard products, as well as ground up designs of both board-level products and enclosures - all built to your specifications.


  • Support our customers in achieving their current and long terms goals.
  • Advance new technology for energy, medical, commercial and military markets.
  • Building long term relationships with customer by assisting them through all the steps of their system development.


V Rose Microsystems, Inc. is a Women-Owned Small Business located in Johnstown, NY. The company was formed 15 years ago after merging with Traxonics, Inc. which had been in business since 1984. Traxonics had an established sales representation and marketing distributor base of board level products as well as systems expertise. V Rose had the engineering and development background in these same markets. The relationship created a comprehensive network to service a select base of customers.