CompactPCI CPU

CompactPCI is the world's most popular modular open computer architecture design for embedded applications. V Rose carries a full line of 3U and 6U cPCI that are available in convection or conduction cooled modules to fit your specific needs. These boards are scallable from a single board to a large system making them perfect for applications like power automation, intelligent wells system control and oilfield server platforms.

Panel PC's

Smart Panel PC's

V Rose's newest line of Panel PC's is perfect for the performance and flexibility required by the Energy Industry. There IP65 rating makes them a great choice for on-shore and off-shore applications, while their small size is perfect for areas where space is limited. With a Panel PC from V Rose you can increase efficiency and monitor operations off site and on without sacraficing the performance you need.


Computer-on-Modules can be a cost effective solution to all of your IoT needs. With the ability to use them as a stand alone SBC or add the CoM as a processor mezzanine to a carrier board, with application specific I/O, you can cut down on training costs and save on overhead. They make it easy to integrate new chip sets and add high performance into existing Energy Industry applications to keep your on site and off site locations connected.


MicroTCA Chassis

The V Rose line of uTCA boards and chassis are perfect for building smaller computing systems without sacraficing performance. Although its internal architecture is largely the same as aTCA they are smaller and less exspensive making them ideal when scalability, budget, and availability are neccessary. These uTCA systems are perfect for managing power distribution systems, and exploration mapping in the energy industry.

Embedded PC

fanless embedded pc

Embedded PC's are a great choice when deciding what architecture to use for electrical power supply systems. With a wide temperature range and fanless, cable-free design they deliver reliability in even the harshest environments. With long MTBF they can inprove your return on investment by keeping maintenance down.