Medical Panel PC's

V Rose carries a large line of Medical Panel PC's that comply to every need within a clinical environment. They are perfect for saving space without losing the power and performance you need. These Panel PC's are IP65 or higher rated and made with easy cleaning in mind.

Fanless Medical Computers

Our line of Fanless Medical PC's are perfect for healthcare applications with their low power consumption and noiseless performance. They are perfect for a mobile nursing/workstation cart so that your staff can be connected to the Iot whenever and wherever they need it.

Medical Monitors

The V Rose line of Medical Monitors are enclosed in an IP65 housing that is disinfectable and washable for easy clean-up. These Medical Monitors are the perfect fit for graphics intensive applications. With a touch screen option you can save even more space by getting rid of the traditional mouse and keyboard.


Computer-on-Modules can be a cost effective solution to all of your IoT applications. With a custom designed carrier board to complement the CoM with additional functionality they are easy to integrate into Medical applications like anesthesia ventilators as well as other Medical computing platforms.


The V Rose line of MicroTCA boards and chassis are perfect for Medical applications with their small size and powerful GPU's. The ability to create high performance multi-processor systems for image processing applications makes uTCA a clear choice. Scalable systems can be conveniently designed for the newest forms of medical imaging like 4D ultrasound and other real time imaging.

Rugged Tablets

A rugged tablet from V Rose is the perfect solution for connecting your work force to the IoT. They may look like your regular tablet, but the V Rose line of Rugged Mobile devices are extremely rugged and equipped with high level processors to get real time data and results to your mobile work force when and where they need it.