AdvancedTCA Blade

According to PICMG specifications aTCA is the most widely used open standard for global telecommunications infrastructure. V Rose carries a full line of aTCA boards and chassis that can be used to create application ready servers to cut back costs by reducing Time-to-Market.


MicroTCA Chassis

The V Rose line of uTCA boards and chassis are perfect for building smaller telecom systems without sacraficing performance. Although its internal architecture is largely the same as aTCA they are smaller and less exspensive making them ideal when scalability, budget, and availability are neccessary.


CompactPCI CPU

CompactPCI is the world's most popular modular open computer architecture design for embedded applications. V Rose carries a full line of 3U and 6U cPCI that are available in convection or conduction cooled modules to fit your specific needs. These boards are scallable from a single board to a large system and have a wide Operating System support that makes them a perfect choice for application layer deployment.


AMC Card

V Rose carries a long line of AMC cards that are perfect for the telecommunications industry. With the ability to be plugged directly into a uTCA backplane to create a small and powerfull system or to be plugged onto an ATCA board to customize I/O or improve processing functions they can help reduce operating and training costs.

CompactPCI Serial

CompactPCI Serial CPU

The cPCI Serial standard enhances the already popular PICMG 2.0 standard with 20 times the data transfer rate through serial point-to-point interconnectors. Not only does this newer standard increase data transfer speed using serial PCI Express, but can also increase the data transfer rate 80 times with additional high speed interfaces such as Ethernet, SATA, and USB.